Smoothing, painting, gluing your prints and more.

    Vapor Smoothing on PLA with Methylene Chloride

    Vapor Smoothing with Acetone on PLA

    Post-Processing with Enamel Paint

    Post Processing with Tamiya Spray Paint

    3 System's Mirror Coat

    Post-Processing with Plasti Dip

    Gluing PLA parts with PVA

    Gluing PLA parts together with ABS solvent Cement

    Gluing PLA parts together with Methylene Chloride

    Gluing PLA parts together with Wood Glue revisited

    Gluing PLA parts together with Epoxy Glue

    Finishing PLA with Gloss and Matte Topcoat

    Smoothing PLA with Primer

    Gluing PLA Parts Together with Super Glue and Wood Glue

    Smoothing PLA with Sandpaper

Bed Adhesive

Different bed adhesion methods.

    Inverted Blue Tape as a Bed Adhesive

    Bed Adhesion with Double Sided Tape

    Bed Adhesive Summary

    Bed Adhesion with PVA

    Bed Adhesion with ABS Solvent Cement

    Bed Adhesion with Frosted Acrylic Sheet and Olive Oil

    Bed Adhesion with Frosted Acrylic Sheet and Machine Oil

    Bed Adhesion with Acrylic Sheet

    PLA Sludge

    ABS Sludge

    Bed Adhesion with Hairsprays

    Bed Adhesion with Gluestick


General Experiments with the Ditto™Pro

    Correcting Bowing on your PLA Prints

    Printing on a T-shirt with the DittoPro

    Casting Your Mold

    Making a Mold With PLA

    Removing Large Prints off the Print Surface by Freezing it

    Testing PLA's Heat Resistance Revisited

    Printing in a Cold Environment

    Printing Upside Down to Eliminate Overhangs

    Testing Ht Filament's Heat Resistance

    Testing PLA's Heat Resistance

    Heat Forming PLA

    Printing Upside Down

    Printing Sideways