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How it works

Tinkerine U is the best place to share and discover quality projects and educational content.
In its essence, Tinkerine U is made up of three simple words: LEARN. DREAM. DO.
Here’s a quick look at how it works:


Learn the basics of 3D printing. Pick a project or lesson from our collection and explore the inner workings.


Dream about your own masterpiece, whether it’s the next greatest invention or the most engaging lesson.


Go for it and make your ideas happen. Develop your project or lesson plan and show it off to the world!

Why Use Tinkerine U

From getting basic printing knowledge to building a functional RC hovercraft, the sky's the limit with
Tinkerine U. Regardless of your background, Tinkerine U is here to offer a truly rewarding experience for you.
Here are some of the highlights:

Fully curated, high-quality content

Tinkerine U is all about quality over quantity. Every single item shared on the platform is carefully curated by us. The result is the finest collection of STEAM-based content ready to be explored.

Community-driven collaboration

There is no shortage of creative talent on Tinkerine U. Whether you’re an artist, designer, engineer, maker, or educator, there is a place for you in the community. Join us and prepare to connect with the brightest minds in 3D printing.

Rewarding revenue-sharing system

We understand the effort that goes into developing quality content. Tinkerine U’s revenue-sharing system credits you for your hardwork, so you can continue to pump out awesome work.

Find exciting weekend projects

Our array of projects are far beyond just trinkets and toys; they are quality designs that integrate 3D printing with hands-on learning. And quite frankly, they look a lot like your next weekend projects.

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Build and share lesson plans

Developed by educators active at the forefront of 3D printing, our multidisciplinary lessons seamlessly blends 3D printing across all areas of the STEAM learning experience.

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Obtain a new dimension of skillsets

Whether it’s acquiring the technical skills to operate a 3D printer, or learning how to convert your ideas into digital models, our comprehensive tutorials will give you a jump-start in the world of 3D printing.

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